79 Military Road, Colchester, CO1 2AP

Added 18th May 2014

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1. Nice landlady - awful letting agency!

By SallyAnne - stayed here from 18th September 2010 to 18th September 2011

Flat had storage heaters which are the warmest in the middle of the day (when most people are at work) and use lots of electric, so it was very cold in winter. Also a bit of problem with mould / damp. Landlady was always really nice and problems were sorted relatively quickly.

The letting agency were awful. They charged £180 fee to add my name to my boyfriends tenancy and wanted to see my wage slips and other personal information. They also tried to blame us for somehow causing the damp. They were constantly inspecting the flat (letting themselves in when me and my partner were at work) and then nitpicking about how tidy it was. For example sending us a letter telling us that we hadn't hoovered enough. (As far as I'm aware not hoovering often enough doesn't cause any damage to a property)

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