Flat 9, London, NW8 9DS

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1. thoroughly bad experience-avoid at all costs

By aalexandropoulos - stayed here from 17th September 2009 to 17th March 2010

I had a really negative experience with the landlady. The neighbor was abusive and often made racist remarks or called the house porter at the first opportunity. Once I was told off aggressively for holding a meeting of 3 people at 8 p.m. or was told off for keeping my window open which meant that discussions were annoying the neighbor. Porters were rude and intrusive. The racist neighbor saw my roommate smoking a cigarette in the courtyard and he assumed -that being the crazy party animals of 3 people gatherings- it must be weed, which the porters accepted and the residency management threatened to call the police for use of illegal substances. The porters harassed my birthday gathering. The landlady was equally offensive and horrible all around. During a dispute she called me names, and told me to get out of her property. In the end she returned my deposit with several months of delay for no apparent reason. Avoid at all cots.

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