23 Wimborne Close, Liverpool, L14 8UH

Added 17th May 2014

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1. so much potential. none of it delivered.

By scone_ead - stayed here from 12th August 2013 to 25th April 2014

This had the potential to be a lovely house however the lax attitude of the landlord and his family to repairs and their duty as landlords made it a horrible experience.
With a brand new baby we had to endure a cold winter with a boiler that only worked intermittently and electrics that blew lightbulbs with alarming regularity.
When we moved in the place was in a significant state of disrepair. We overlooked this however as the landlord promised works were continuing and the property would be brought up to standard. None of this work was completed however and the property still had much work outstanding when we moved out 8 months later.

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